Valentine’s Day gift guide


A thoughtful note may mean more to your Valentine than an armful of roses. Be sure to consider the thoughtful gift when finishing your shopping.

  Valentine’s Day is coming up and love is in the air. There’s no better way to show love than by giving that special someone in your life a little gift or two. For those of you who have no idea what gift you would want to give that special person in your life, this is the article for you.  

  Gift giving is not super complicated. It is my opinion that there is no such thing as a bad gift giver, just someone who lacks effort. At the end of the day I can’t make you try harder, so that’s on you if you choose to give a bad gift. If you don’t know your significant other well enough to give them something that you think they would like, then that might just speak volumes about your relationship.

  It’s fair to say that nearly everybody likes flowers and candy. If you’re trying to play it safe, that’s the way to go. It’s easy to see that this takes no thought though, which can be dangerous if you’re shopping for someone who likes more thoughtful gifts. You can still get the flowers and candy for them, but try to add something more personal on top of those items. For example, if your significant other likes music, make them a playlist; if your significant other likes pictures, make a little scrapbook or something of that nature. It’s not hard to take a few minutes and think about what they might like, and most of these types of gifts cost little-to-no money, but it takes some effort to follow-through on the personal gifts.

  Not everybody cares about the personal gifts. Some people only find value in the amount of money that is spent on them. For those types of people, you better break out the wallet. Materialistic items like jewelry, shoes, and clothes are all great options, but they just might break the bank.

  Knowing your significant other is key to being able to buy them a good gift. You’re not going to want to buy the expensive ring for a significant other who prefers more personal and sentimental gifts, and you don’t want to give a sentimental gift to the person who would prefer a shiny ring or nice shoes. 

  In my mind, having a healthy balance of personal gifts and materialistic gifts is the key. Get the materialistic gift and bundle it with a personal gift and some flowers and it’ll show that special someone just how much you truly care about them.