Why to take Publications


Publications took time before Christmas break to open random presents for White Elephant. White Elephant consists of choosing from a pool of presents, in a given order determined by drawing from a box, and players can choose to either pick an unwrapped gift from the pool or steal a previous player’s gift. Anyone who gets their gift stolen can do the same, which is to choose a new gift or steal from someone else.

 Sterling High School provides several beneficial classes for students to choose. Some classes allow students to experience new opportunities, generate different development skills, and employ a variety of proficiencies in an individual’s background. In reference to this, Publications makes a perfect fit to all of these qualities, but what makes it much more important than the other classes?

   1. It benefits a person’s English and presentation skills towards an audience.

   Interconnecting the boundaries between English writing and performance makes up the world of journalism. By publishing newspapers, a student can effortlessly think out of the box, use appealing and expressive vocabulary, implement strong leads and structure to a story, and carry out quotes to make a source credible. All of these abilities help students hook the audience towards what they’re writing about, eventually formulating perfect objectivity and factual elements to writing.

   2. Publication enhances sociability and communication skills.

   Publication has a variety of job positions such as copy editor, design/layout editor, photography editor, and name editor. All editors are required to communicate with fellow peers about certain edits that should be made in newspapers and yearbooks – this develops a great source of amiability that confidently increases the need to interact with others. Publications connect people together to work as a unit rather than individually; it’s important to be social in the real world and Pub certainly helps with that.  

   3. Creates great bonds and useful teamwork.

   Togetherness is a significant trait in the world of Publications. The class itself has generated amazing relationships as well as a positive ambiance when working as a team. The class is fun itself by doing different challenges every once in a while; we run in the halls, do scavenger hunts, and photography activities. Publications and English teacher Jennifer Drew encourages students to work with a versatile group of people to share ideas, construct plans, and fix mistakes. Mrs. Drew is an important element to Publications; she is the mother of the group, the monarch of a great class, and a helpful companion you can rely on. Pub couldn’t progress if it weren’t for Mrs. Drew’s amazing leadership. She is truly the best acquaintance you could ever have in Publications. 

   4. Promotes proficiency with a deadline.

   Proficiency is a very important component in adult life. The class is constantly busy, and the work is continuously incoming, but this overall provides a beneficial gain for students to fight for the deadlines in the most well-organized way possible. Students learn how to work at a quick pace, while at the same time, delivering great outcomes. 

   5. Constructs a research mindset.

   Ultimately, researching builds a great deal of curiosity and interest in a student. The complexity of issues expands a student’s knowledge and understanding of a topic, it naturally demands the attention of the audience and influences students to improve their learning capacity. Publications offer a numerous amount of entertainment reviews, it’s an assignment that involves the most research out of all categories of newspapers. Uncovering trustworthy data is important when writing entertainment Reviews, it postulates a platform for the audience’s opinion and it gives the writer a voice as it narrates the piece. 

   In short, Publications supports a student’s ability to handle a sum of work, benefiting them educationally, socially, and mentally. For all who are interested, Publications is available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and is a yearlong course. For any other questions regarding Publications, be sure to email your counselor to learn more.