New jumbotron brings excitement to S.H.S.


  December brought more than Santa and presents to S.H.S. students this year as Sterling High School added a new addition to the gymnasium with a new jumbotron. The jumbotron displays scores as well as replays and highlights during sporting events and advertisements that support all S.H.S. athletics.

  With already having a jumbotron on the football field, adding one inside was a great way to show how much this community takes pride in athletics. Many high schools don’t have the ability to do this. Sterling Schools Foundation Director and famed Golden Warrior announcer Jim Spencer said, “We are able to show live video on the board, along with instant replay during events. This is very similar to what you see at college and professional arenas.” 

  The jumbotron has many features. It helps out with lighting when the lights go off before the varsity basketball games start. Junior Andrew Bland said, “The introduction on the jumbotron before basketball games is always cool to watch. The starting five get their videos played on the jumbotron.”  The screen introduces a short gif of the five starting basketball players. For wrestling, it shows the captains of the wrestling team. 

  Sterling High School Principal Jason Austin said, “This year was about getting it put in, and it benefits us by being able to portray multiple things on the jumbotron.” 

 Future classes at S.H.S. now have the ability to enjoy the privileges that the new jumbotron brings. 

Sophomore Ibraim Redzepi said, “The jumbotron helps by showing team fouls, the score, and the time clock.” 

  The jumbotron is just one more addition that makes S.H.S. a great place to play sports.