COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc

The rise in COVID to start second semester proved challenging for all with students and staff members having to continue to adapt. Thankfully, the post-holiday surge has lessened and S.H.S. continues to attempt a return to normalcy.

  Since 2020, living with COVID-19 has been like being on a constant rollercoaster with towering peaks and surprising dips. As the first semester came to an end, COVID slowly started popping up more and more.

  As Sterling Public Schools came back from break, Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln and Challand all experienced shutdowns, with students returning briefly to online learning. These shutdowns happened at a different time for each school. They all lasted about five days, as to not disrupt regular school life.

  Senior Logan Moreno reflected, “I found remote learning to be easier for me, but I am glad that we aren’t doing it anymore. The one thing I actually like about school is the human interaction, and last year we barely had that.”

  As the Omicron strand spread, a few things after break changed slightly: the number of days students have to be quarantined, updated SHIELD testing, and Student Trend Data can be viewed on the Sterling Public Schools’ website. The symptoms of Omicron are similar to the symptoms of a common cold. This includes a runny nose, headaches, sore throat, and endless other symptoms.

 In regard to the beginning of the semester, sophomore Josue Arreola said, “It’s been difficult as everyone started getting it from leaving for break and coming back.”

  With almost daily changes in terms of requirements for masks, quarantines, and Zoom, S.H.S. students and staff will try to continue to adapt. Zoom is no longer mandatory for people in quarantine with it being shortened to five days, meaning students must make up their missing work once back at school.

  As COVID continues to worsen, precautions still need to be taken like getting the vaccine and the booster shot to help get the world a step back into a mask free world again.