The highs and lows of COVID


Shield testing happening right here at the high school. Getting through a pandemic is not easy, but things like this show that we are headed in the right direction.

  While COVID-19 has now been around for almost two years, everyone has had to adapt and find positives during this negative situation. One positive that has come from the pandemic is that we all share certain experiences. Each person has their least favorite aspect of the pandemic, while also having their favorite part about it. 

  As a teacher and coach, Dan Paufve thought the biggest negative for him personally was how it has upped his anxiety, while also making his job more challenging. Paufve mentioned, “It’s killed nearly 900,000 people and has further widened the political divide in our country.” It is difficult to find a positive, as so many people have lost so much during this time, but the only good he was able to think of was how he caught up with many tv shows he was looking to watch. He thought another positive was, it has caused him to “reexamine the most important people/ things in my life.” 

  Senior David Tessman thought the most negative aspect was that people “don’t get to be as social as they could be.” Another negative for him was events and activities being delayed or just not happening at all as an effect of the pandemic. When looking at the positive side of things, he stated “people could learn new ways to handle hard situations.”

  Senior Caroline Mobarak thought that not having a normal high school experience was the biggest negative for her personally. Current seniors have only had one normal year of high school, so many of them feel like they have been robbed of many experiences. Mobarak thought it would be selfish of her to say that anything about the pandemic is positive as many people have gone through so many hard times.

  As a contributing member to the varsity cross country team throughout high school, junior Ellie Mahar enjoys that her sports season was not changed so she still got to compete and train. However, her biggest negative personally was “not being able to spend as much time with family.”

  Sophomore Abrianna Ibarra thought the biggest positive from COVID was everyone taking different precautions for people to help protect others. Ibarra thought the biggest negative was the amount of people who died due to COVID and lots of families lost their loved ones in this hard time.

  Freshman Drew Nettleton thought the biggest negative is quarantining and “missing out on moments that you can not get back” but a benefit was that sports continued through this time. They have been affected, but not cancelled like some other events.

  While it’s looking less and less like COVID will ever be truly eradicated from our lives, our ability to adapt will continue to make this time easier to get through it.