Entertainment Review: “Looking for Alaska”

  In 2005, John Green published his book “Looking for Alaska.” This book can be found in many libraries, bookstores and book websites.  

  “Looking for Alaska” is a young adult fiction. It has love and heartbreak, along with a mysterious aspect. Throughout the book, high school students are away at boarding school and are in a life of pranks, love, and drugs. 

  John Green created this book because he felt that there weren’t enough meaningful young adult fiction novels. He wanted to emphasize teenagers’ feelings and situations they go through like friendship, loss, and home. 

 This book is not like many others in this genre. It highlights rough relationships, drug use, and the feeling of loneliness.

  Although this book has a wonderful ending, the beginning was very slow. I recommend the book because of the lessons taught throughout the book. One thing I took away from this book is to cherish life and live every moment to the fullest even through the tough times. 

  John Green is a wonderful author and is one on the New York Best Seller list. Another popular book of his is “The Fault in Our Stars.”

  This novel is a good one to read, but I recommend finding it in a nearby library instead of spending money, since it does have a slower beginning. 

  “Looking for Alaska” is definitely a popular book and worth a read. Most reviews are positive about it because of how realistic the lessons and themes are.