Entertainment Review: Underrated Albums of 2021


Senior Emely Garces listens to “Absolutely” by Dijon as she works on her yearbook spread for Publications.

   2021 has set off with several great albums this year! Those include: “Sour” by Olivia Rodrigo, “30” by Adele, “Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish, and many more. Despite that, what about the underrated albums? Here are the top six most undervalued albums of 2021 and why their production and creation should be appreciated.


“Welcome to Countryland” by Flatland Calvary (Country)

   Flatland Calvary has created 14 new tracks this year since his 2019 album “Homeland Security.” In this year’s album, Calvary uses traditional Texas country music to concretely state what country music is in his own way. Cleto Cordero uses amazing lyrics that respond to his point of view towards the country genre — showing pure dedication to the genre and his. This modern and nostalgic production will get you out of your seat dancing, with special features such as Spencer Cullum, Jim Hoke, and Billy Justineau.


“To Hell With It” by PinkPantheress (UK garage, Dance-pop/Pop)

   English singer, songwriter, and record producer PinkPantheress has released her debut mixtape “To Hell With It” after going viral with several of her snippets on TikTok, those including: “Break it off”, “Pain”, and “Just for me”. PinkPantheress uses 90’s drum and bass samples to produce a 2000s feel for her audience, along with lyrics addressing many topics adolescents go through on a daily basis. Overall, the album creates an authentic and euphoric ambience to listeners in only 18 minutes, and it brings back nostalgic music production that isn’t as popular anymore. 


“Roadrunner; New Light, New Machine” by Brockhampton (Alt. Hip Hop)    

   The 13-member collective boy band has released yet another underrated album.  The musical production of songs like “Count on me,” “Bankroll,” “The Light,” “The Light Pt. II” and many more tracks use personal commentary that the audience can relate to — something we wouldn’t usually hear on the radio. Producer and DJ Ramil Hemnani along with other co-producers create unclear melodies throughout the album to mix different genres of music to exert confidence, explosive commentary, and overall emotion toward the lyrics. 


“Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren” by Anuel AA (Latin)

   Puerto Rican rapper and singer releases a very solid album honoring celebrities like Michael Jordan, Tupac, Connor McGegor, Kobe Bryant, Floyd Mayweather and more. Its overall message and production is used for inspiration after the many downfalls of the past two years. The lyrics, tone, and sound of the album creates a strong backbone to listeners, which inspires them to do great things every day. 


“Night at Ezeh’s” by Sam Ezeh (R&B)

   “Night at Ezeh’s” exudes silky-soft melodies that may just put you into a heavenly slumber. The beautiful symphonies of the guitar and bass parallel with Ezehs tasteful voice and stylish lyrics – creating a hazy love-ridden album. The time Ezeh takes to self-produce his albums should be enough to credit his hard work. By creating a dynamic stretch towards R&B and Soul music, Ezehs work has yet to be recognized since February of 2021. 


  Honorable Mentions:

“Jubilee” by Japanese Breakfast (Alt. Indie)

   Japanese Breakfast mixes alternative indie with electric bass ring to make a cheerful album in spite of the  pandemic. 


“Call Me If You Get Lost” by Tyler, The Creator (Alt. Hip Hop/Rap)

   After releasing the Grammy Award winning album “Igor,” Tyler never fails to release yet another great album about loss and romantic yearning. The albums have many great tracks that have gone unsaid about. 


“Absolutely” by Dijon (R&B)

   Dijon’s raspy voice may just be an underrated quality in the “Absolutely” album. Dijon’s elisions make a great sense of imagery and calmness.


“When There’s Love Around” by Kiefer (Jazz)

   Grammy awarded pianist and producer releases a two half album that correlates to his childhood and insignificant feelings. This first half of this album reveals the insecurities and troubles of Kiefers past, specifically his childhood, playing a joyful yet restrained harmonious rhythm. The second half is dedicated to his grandmother, to reflect on sorrowful events and strong emotional appeal. The modern piano-based music takes a turn in the jazz genre to draw attention toward the traditions of Black American music. 


   2021 has released many great albums, and we can only hope for more next year. Appreciating new and recent artists contemporary art fabricates great support towards the music industries unrecognized albums.