The Season of Giving

 While the holiday season is about family, food, and presents, not everyone is fortunate enough to be surrounded with these privileges and provide those valued items to the people they love. This holiday season should be about giving back to the less fortunate and making them feel the joy that everyone should be surrounded with this season.

Senior and student council member Laura Heuser looks for a shirt for a child that was chosen off the Angel Tree. This was the first year that the student council was a part of giving back to kids through the Angel Tree.

  During the holiday season, you can make a child’s day through participating in The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. The Angel Tree program is for local kids in need. At Walmart, there is a tree with ornaments on it. To participate in giving back to the children locally, pick an ornament off the tree and follow the instructions on the ornament. It will tell you how old the child is and what size clothes they wear. This allows you to buy and bring joy to the children and their families while they may be going through tough times. 

Teacher and student council advisor Nicole Schlemmer states, “We donate several clothes and toys that we no longer need and, through student council, we are shopping for five angel tree local children. My favorite part about giving back is knowing that our old toys and clothes can really help out families and children in need.”

  While helping the younger part of society is wonderful, those who are elderly are very much in need this season as well. Although we are still in a pandemic, nursing homes are now letting visitors in. Not everyone has money to spend on others, so you could invest your time playing games and talking with the residents at the nursing home. To set up a time to go, call a local nursing home and talk to them about what a good time for you to go would be.

  Soup kitchens are another great way to spend time giving back during the holidays. Many families are not fortunate enough to prepare a large, delicious meal on Christmas, so they visit a soup kitchen. Volunteering at a soup kitchen would mean serving the food to these families. You will make a big impact on these people’s lives and it will bring you satisfaction of being able to help make others enjoy a season that is supposed to be filled with happiness. 

  Counselor Christine Herron mentions, “Personally I like to do random acts of kindness throughout the holiday season. I give because I know it will bring some joy to someone’s day. Seeing others happy makes me happy! I believe it is a privilege to be able to give back and if exercising my privilege helps others in the process it makes giving that much more worthwhile.”

  While wanting to spend time with family this season, invest your family time into giving back to the people in the community. Even if it is little, giving back in any way will help tremendously. I encourage you to spread happiness and kindness this holiday season.