Seniors lead the way for fall sports


Seniors Carter Ryan and Tyree Kelly jog out onto the field and prepare to take on Galesburg. The seniors in fall sports welcomed a sense of normalcy for their seasons this year.

  People always think of the end goal. Where they are going to be in the future, what job will they have, what experiences they will encounter. Growing up has been an experience itself. As we grow older and as we lose old parts of ourselves, we grow into better versions of our lives. Here at SHS we are saying goodbye to many of our beloved athletic seniors. Some may go onto colleges to continue their career, and others are taking a step in another direction. Some grew up loving the sport and others picked it up along the way, but as they move on in life, many will let go of the sports and activities that helped define them. Our SHS seniors have much to say about memories, teams, good times, and how they started playing the sports they love.

  Senior and state qualifier Madelyn Pink states, “I came into it freshman year, not knowing how to do absolutely anything. But I worked really hard over the last 4 years, and I’m proud of myself, and how far I have come since freshman year. I just love the game and it means everything to me.”

  Senior soccer player Nathan Sanchez mentions, “I grew up playing soccer with my dad all the time, and always encouraged me to play. I’m more than proud of the team I have. It’s a great team. They lead and encourage each other to do their best.”

  Senior football player Xander Ramirez states, “It kinda just helped me get to know my team a lot more, and they became my closest friends.”

  Senior football and soccer player Luis Diaz (Tito) says, “I grew up playing soccer all my life but I just came into football when I started high school. It all came from me just carrying a football around, I felt like I was good and people encouraged me to try out. And here I am, I have played football for all 4 years.” 


  Another generation of our beloved seniors are leaving SHS. Thank you to all of our fall senior athletes. You will be missed. 


  Senior Cheer: Holly Behrens, Ashlei Behrens, Jesseka Boyer, Janelle Gomez, Taylor Johnson, Meg Morgan, Jaycee Roberts, Karsyn Bailey, Marisa Salmon, Bailey Warner, Emma Wilson, Taeya Wolf and Madisyn Zigler


  Girls Tennis: Tori Arduini, Lucia Chino, Selena Garza (graduating as a junior), Ireen Hilty, Lindsey Johnson, Sophie Shaw, Samantha Feather, Jenica Francis, Madison Hubbs and Anna Meltzer


  Football Seniors: Colt Adams, Anthony Amezola, Alejandro Arellano, Tyler Bielema, Manuel Cano, Noah Davis, Luis Diaz, Jason Farnham Jr, Jaryn Garza, Jacob Huffman, Demarri Johnson, Tyree Kelly, Blake Nettleton, Anthony Rabadan, Xander Ramirez, Carter Ryan, Thomas Schlafer, Cameron Schneider and David Tessman 


  Cross Country: Estella Gardner, Isaac Halverson, Calista Lopez, Celeste Lopez, Lilli Manon, Sarah Navarro, Cameron Taylor and Lizbeth Valdivia 


  Golf Seniors: Ryan Dir, Dale Guerrieri, Jozlyn Johnson, Libbi Kendrick, Ethan Melcher and Maddie Pink 


  Boys Soccer: Luis Diaz, Beckham Marquez, John Cid, Nathan Sanchez,  Sergio Garcia, Oscar Grande, Salvidor Ramos, Cesar Chavez, Luis Ibarra Rodriguez, Tanner Crandall


  Senior Band: Emyli Sandrock, Brenden Benters, Chelsey Chatters, Andrew Doughty, Laura Heuser, Dylan Howard, Reese Kramer, Logan Moreno, Jordan Razo and Isabella Ruth


  Senior Poms: Sydnee Thueson