Seniors prepare for the next step


Senior Elizabeth Capes and senior Calista Lopez work on their FRQs for their AP Psychology class. Seniors design an experiment that determines whether drugs in one category help improve sleep.

  School is a part of a student’s life for 12 years, so to see the end can be frightening. As a senior, it can be stressful to have to make plans for the future. 

  Seniors should be focused on school. While school seems to be coming to an end, this year is still important. The class of ’22 must proceed to work hard to be successful. The classes taken throughout high school can help get a student on the path for their work field in the future.   

  Senior Emely Garces states, “It’s important because if you’re interested in the field, you want to be prepared by searching whether those programs and classes are available for you. They should also consider the classes they take their senior year so they can be prepared for the future.”

  While working hard on schoolwork, browsing colleges and planning for the future is something to also take time to do. Many students don’t know their plans after high school and that is totally okay. If needing help with colleges and future plans, Sterling High School’s counselors are willing to help. 

  Balancing jobs and extracurricular activities can be difficult. Less time is spent on education and more time focusing on certain duties or completions that are unrelated to education. Writing down important events and being mindful of them can alleviate stress. Seniors should start good habits now in order to stay organized and successful in the future. 

  To help her get by, senior Chelsey Chatters mentions, “Having a planner makes things especially easier because it can help with the day-to-day organization of all of the plans for school and outside of school activities. If I have a meeting after school – I write it down, or if I have performances to achieve – I write it down.”

  Senior year needs to be taken one day at a time, while also planning the rest of your life. Have fun, but work your hardest this year. This is just the beginning.