What you need to know, juniors!


Seniors here prepare for the SAT that they took in the fall. Juniors will take the SAT in the spring as it is a requirement for graduation.

 Junior year is one of the most important years of a student’s life. It’s the last full year that colleges and universities will see when sending transcripts. In junior year, you also take the SAT.    

  Senior Joycelyn Calderon says, “Don’t make it a stressful year, organize school, work, and social life and you’ll get by just fine”.

  One of the main things to do in your junior year is to get to know your counselor. The counselors can offer different types of assistance. For the college decision process, you can tell your counselor what colleges you may want to go to and talk with your counselor about what you are going to do after high school or your college plans. Also, don’t forget to talk with your counselor about how to get scholarships. 

  S.H.S. counselor Jeffery Gale said, “I help students who are juniors by meeting with them to work through any social emotional issues and to help to explore different options for after high school, whether that be a career, trade, college, or the military.” If you have any questions about college, scholarships, classes, and even need someone to give you some tips, a counselor will love to help you.

  In a couple of months, I am about to graduate from SHS. In my junior year, it was hard at the beginning. My junior year was half in Zoom class and in person, It was really complicated.  I approached the opportunity to do some virtual college visits. I made a list of what college I am interested in attending or what other things to do after finishing high school. You still have time to join any activity extracurricular like clubs or any sports. 

  Open houses at colleges provide a lot of information about finances, dorms, majors you’re interested in and also you get information is provided when meeting with staff. 

  “I recently visited Sauk Valley Community College. It is useful to visit because I get to know more information about their transfer program. I discovered what opportunities that college offers,” said senior Estefania Cayetano. 

  If it’s your dream to go to college, prepare for the SAT. There are some ways to be ready, such as; practicing on Khan Academy, with a study guide, or getting an SAT book. 

Have fun during your junior year. Don’t stress yourself out when preparing for college, but go to school sports games, hang out with friends, and enjoy some clubs or sports. High school passes fast that you will not even notice, so make your junior year bright.