Spring Activities in our Area

  Spring is right around the corner and there are tons of fun activities to do. One activity to do is disc-golf. There are many places in Sterling and Rock Falls to disc, all ranging from easy, medium, and hard courses. A very enjoyable course that has a variety of holes is Sinnissippi Park. It has about 27 holes with a beautiful and scenic view overlooking the Rock River. A great beginners course located just across the river in Rock Falls is Joshua’s Park. A touch smaller than Sinnissipi being only 18 holes. When Senior Antonio Tablante was asked what his favorite place to disc was he said “Sinissippi for sure. It’s always a good time and the holes are in fun places.”     

  Another great activity to do in the spring, is to take a trip to White Pines Forest State Park. There are numerous gorgeous views of nature throughout the park. Some activities to do within the park include hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, and picnicking. Another enjoyable activity to do at White Pines is cliff jumping. There is a cliff just off of a trail that can be jumped off of into the water and is extremely fun for everyone. 

  With it getting nice and sunny out, it is the perfect time to go fishing at the Hennepin Canal. Just off the Rock River, it is a cool piece of the town’s history that is often overlooked. There are tons of fish in the canal, including large and smallmouth bass, channel catfish, flathead catfish, bluegill, and trout. The canal is a perfect place to bring a beginner, as it has a nice paved walkway and a weak current. When Senior Karson Stromayer was asked what his favorite spring activity is, he said “Oh fishing for sure, there’s nothing like fishing on a nice sunny day with your friends.”

  If one is willing to make the drive about an hour or two there is TopGolf, skydiving and tons of fun activities to do in and near the city. 

With it finally being Springtime these are just a few activities around the Sterling, Rock Falls area.