Mother’s Day Gifts


  Mother’s day is approaching, and if you’re stuck wondering what’s the perfect gift to get your mother for Mother’s day, the list below is for you! 

Flowers and a card A plain but simple gift idea. This is usually a gift from younger kids who make a homemade card and pick up flowers from the store. You can even have a bouquet of flowers delivered to your doorstep or her work. To make this simple gift a little more extra, you could add jewelry from our jewelry store Kay’s in town. Earrings or a necklace is the most popular jewelry idea for a gift. I think that giving jewelry is something any mother or grandma will enjoy getting because they can wear it whenever and it has a special meaning since it’s from a loved one.

Custom gifts Etsy is a popular marketplace that sells many custom pieces. Although it can be a little pricey depending on the gift, it can be very meaningful. You can customize names and sayings on anything you think your mother would like, from a shirt to a cup. Some more ideas include a personalized wood plaque with you and your siblings names inside the word mom. Customize your birth month flower on a mug or shirt with your names following below. Another idea would be a flower pot with homemade handprint ideas from paint with decoration on the outside.  

Fancy dinner After a long day of work or even just sitting around the house. Her favorite place, or even a surprise dinner with a fancy dessert leading after. One fancy restaurant idea  in town would be candlelight. They serve their famous chicken george and special desserts depending on the occasion. Another good dinner idea would be Basil Tree in Dixon. They have a variety of foods from old-world Italian with a modern touch. 

Electronic devices Many mothers want or have an Apple watch. An Apple watch is one of the most easily accessible devices while you’re working. A good idea would be getting her an updated Apple watch series 8. Series 8 is different from any other Apple watch because it has a body temperature sensor and crash detection. Maybe even a new iPhone depending on if that’s something you would want to purchase as a Mother’s Day gift. 

If you’re indecisive you have plenty of time to find the perfect gift for your mom, grandma, mother-in-law, or mother figure in your life.