Sophie’s New Care Bear Blasts


Local business ‘Sophie’s Cafe’ often comes out with limited-time drinks during the different seasons and holidays. For spring, one of the additions they made to their menu is the new Care Bear blasts.

  Cheer Bear Blast: This is a mix of strawberry puree, cream, vanilla, and the rockstar energy used in all the blasts sold at Sophie’s. It tastes almost exactly like the pink starburst; it was an obvious favorite as soon as I took the first sip, I’d rate it a 10/10.

  Grumpy Bear Blast: A mix of blue raspberry, pineapple, coconut milk, and the signature rockstar energy creates a drink that resembles the already existing Tropical Thunderblast. The blue raspberry flavor is barely noticeable, but that doesn’t make the drink bad. Just a little disappointing. I’d give this one a 6/10. 

  Funshine Blast: Pineapple and coconut with the Rockstar energy create a pinã colada flavor, similar to the Tropical Thunder but with a better flavor. This is definitely my second favorite one, and I give it an 8/10.

  Share Bear Blast: This combination of grape, cherry, cream, and Rockstar energy creates a flavor that  tastes like birthday cake” according to my boyfriend. He loved this one, but I absolutely hated it. The cherry flavor ruins the whole drink, and I give this one a 2/10. 

  Lucky Bear Blast: A combination of green apple, kiwi, cream, and Rockstar energy which is almost the exact recipe of the Jolly Rancher blast. The green apple completely drowns out the kiwi, and I would recommend just getting the Jolly Rancher instead of trying this one. It’s not the worst, but I’d only give it a 5/10. 

  The only drinks that really add a new flavor to the menu are the Cheer Bear and Share Bear Blasts, the other new additions seem to be spinoffs of already existing drinks. Everybody has different tastes, so if you would enjoy any of the flavors listed I suggest you go give them a try.