Graduation Readiness

  As the 2023 school year comes to an end, seniors are thinking about their future, while also planning for a little fun for the summer. Our 2023 seniors are also looking forward to the small moments they will cherish before leaving. 

   Senior Julia Thormeyer said, “For my graduation party, I have to share the moment with two other siblings, one that is graduating college and then another is graduating 8th grade. So there is a lot of planning to do for this big celebration.”

  Graduation always starts the summer on a perfect note. This is because so many graduation parties and fun is happening within the first couple of days of school being out.

  One downside of summer is the seniors that graduated are stressed about leaving for college or leaving home. They start to cherish the memories of their last couple months at home with their friends. 

  Senior Mallory Osborn says, “I’m looking forward to hanging out with my friends and getting as much time in with them as I can before I leave for Kentucky.” She is excited and anxious to get out of Sterling and start college in Kentucky. 

  What I am looking forward to the most about summer is getting to lay out every day by my pool. The summer sun feels the best after a long day of tanning and hanging out with friends. Getting ice cream afterward sounds like a dream right about now.

  Summer brings lots of joy for many people with no school work to worry about and no pressure on their shoulders. 

  Senior Christian Beasley said, “Summer is a time where I don’t have to worry about any work and getting my stuff turned in on time. I also don’t have to worry about showing up to school on time.”

  This is what most seniors probably think at this point into their senior year. 

  Senior Olivia Neiderman stated, “The first thing I do in the summer is make sure I have everything in order for college. For example, housing, meal plan and placement testing. Other than that I will shop for my dorm all summer long to make my dorm cute.”

  Summer benefits everyone, no matter if you hate the heat or not being in school, it is very low stress. You have time to prepare and shop for college.