Time to prep for next year


  As we approach the end of the school year, many questions are left unanswered about the next year to come. As years go by, students realize each year is truly different in its own way. There are many aspects of highschool I wish I would’ve known before moving through each grade that everyone can benefit from.

  Freshman—> Sophomores:

As a freshman, the biggest challenge is just getting to know the general vibe of high school and how to balance school, sports, clubs, and more. The most important advice anyone could give a freshman is to prioritize your grades during this first year because your GPA can be hard to get up after that point. However, if your GPA is not up to your standards, taking an AP class later on can be very helpful as it is weighted. In this way, carefully make your schedule to start taking the classes you need to take next year, so you have room for harder classes later on.

  Sophomores—> Juniors: 

Sophomores should definitely start focusing on their classes for next year, and more importantly, prepare for the common standardized tests they will have next year. Juniors will always take the SAT and most people take the ACT as a junior. Depending on the college, they may use your test scores in your application process. Some colleges require the scores which is why it is crucial to study for these tests and make the most of them. Other colleges don’t take the test scores, and some have a test optional policy.

  Juniors—> Seniors

Becoming a senior is a big change. Schedules are less overwhelming and everything you do becomes the last time you will do it. However, college or whatever you plan to do after highschool becomes your first priority. It takes up a lot of your time, and can be very stressful. Before the year begins, if you can start applications in the summer I would strongly recommend doing so. It is a great idea to apply for colleges before their early applicant deadline, which creeps up on you fast during the first quarter. 

  Seniors—> College

Congratulations! You’ve almost made it through senior year, and highschool as a whole. During this time, scholarships are very beneficial and should be a priority. On a website called Going Merry, you can find thousands of scholarships applicable to you. Another important aspect is planning a graduation party! Many people make wishlists for their party which helps them gain items for their dorm.