Prep for AP Tests


  With the end of the school year nearing, Advanced Placement (AP) tests are quickly approaching. Sterling High School offers numerous AP classes for high school students to take. Some of those classes are: AP Biology, AP Government, AP Human Geography, AP Language and Composition, AP Literature, AP Statistics, AP Psychology, and AP US History. 

  AP tests are held within the first two weeks of May. The first tests this year are on May 1, for AP Government and AP Chemistry. 

  It may seem nerve wracking to know that the AP tests are quickly approaching, but there are multiple ways to study for the upcoming tests. 

  One studying tip is to take the practice tests that the teachers are handing out seriously. Teachers tend to pull questions off of the College Board website from previous tests. These practice tests help students learn the way that College Board phrases questions, but only if you put effort into understanding the question and answering correctly.

  Another way to study is by watching the crash-course videos and taking the practice tests on the College Board website. Since AP tests are created by College Board, using their website as a study resource is amazing practice. College Board provides students with practice quizzes that mirror the real tests, and will go over both correct and wrong answers in detail.
  AP Biology teacher Nicole Schlemmer was asked what she has done to prepare her students for the upcoming AP Biology exam on May 10. Schlemmer said, “Throughout the school year, I provide students with practice essays to prepare for the free response style questions. In addition, I model all of my unit exams based on the AP test.” 

  When Schlemmer was asked about how she feels in regards to how prepared her students are, she stated, “My students rock! I think as long as they put some work into reviewing outside of what I provide them in class, then they should do well!” 

  Senior Connor Pham is in four AP classes this year: Calculus, Government, Literature, and Psychology. In order to prepare for his AP tests Pham “starts studying for the tests early by completing AP Classroom questions and going over earlier topics with our teacher.”

 Senior Lauren Jacobs, who is in AP Biology and AP Literature mentioned, “I feel very ready for the AP Literature test since I did well on the AP Language and Composition test last year. We have also been writing more essays this semester to prepare for the exam.” She also brought up that she feels prepared for the AP Biology exam, but will probably go back and review units from the beginning of the year.

  Yes, AP exams are coming up, but students should remember to take a deep breath. Students still have time to study and prepare themselves for the upcoming exams, and if they have put in the effort throughout the year, then they are already on the track to success.