What to expect for the SAT test


  For juniors taking the SAT there are two common types; those who are not worried at all, and those who are freaking out and have been studying for months. Regardless of a student’s preparedness, it is good to know what to expect on the day of the test so they are not caught off-guard.

  Students have to be at the fieldhouse by 7:45 in the morning, so make sure you get to school early! The only supplies you should bring are: No. 2 pencils (multiple to be on the safe side for yourself and to be prepared to lend one to a friend), a calculator, and most importantly drinks and snacks. Having food will provide energy for students during their test.

  The test goes on until everyone is done, so you could be sitting in the fieldhouse for a while. On the bright side, as soon as everyone is done you can go home! Unlike the PSAT, students are not required to attend class after the test.

  The questions on the SAT are different every year, but the format is the same. It is done in two sections, one containing questions on english and the other on math and science. Senior Megan Gingrich reflects on her experience last year, stating: “I wish I prepared more for the written responses of the math portion.”  

  If one misses the test date for some reason, there is another opportunity for you to take it on April 25. Senior SirenMarie Lewis did this and said, “I was grateful I got more time to study. I wish I had known before I took the SAT to utilize my time more wisely to study.”    

  Thankfully, the SAT experience is less stressful compared to past years due to many schools being test optional. If one knows which college they plan to attend, it is a wise choice to look on their website at their requirements.