Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

Struggling with fundraising? Here’s some tips on how to make the most of your fundraiser!


Sophomore Drew Nettleton poses with his baseball discount card. The baseball team wrapped up their fundraiser last month.

  Many clubs and sports use fundraising as a way to raise money to support their program. While fundraising is a great idea, many people struggle with successfully raising funds. Here are a few tips on how to make fundraising as easy and effective as possible.

  People need to be willing to put in effort if they want to be successful. There is always somebody that will be interested in buying. So, if someone does not sell a single unit there is no excuse for it.

  Family is always the first resort. Asking one’s family eliminates the awkwardness of approaching people in your neighborhood or somebody you do not know. Family is the best way to kick off fundraising and immediately make sales. 

  Junior soccer player Lelaina Block gives insight to her strategy. “My strategy was to send it out to all my family members for them to share, and also to share it all over social media so I could reach more people to sell more,” Block said.

  If one decides to travel around their neighborhood or town, they should make sure they are familiar with the area. Familiarity increases the likelihood of people being interested, and keeps the seller safe.

  When selling in person, it is important to have a great first impression. Always smile when the door is being opened. Ask in a polite manner such as, “Hello! I was wondering if you would like to help support (team or club) and purchase one of our (items being sold).” Sophomore and baseball player Drew Nettleton weighed in on this idea by saying, “It is important to be more personal when fundraising because it is easier for somebody who doesn’t know you to say no if you just ask them to buy something from you. If you tell them your name and what you’re fundraising for, there is a better chance they will buy a card for you to help you reach your goal.”

  A great way to lose a fundraising prospect is by asking something like, “Hello, would you like to buy a (item being sold)?” People want to know what organization they are supporting, so informing them of such will help earn their donation.

  Fundraising can be scary, but have some fun with it. Compete with teammates or classmates to see who can outsell the other. Fundraising without the competition or thrill is boring, so try to spice it up! However, it is all up to you how much effort you want to put in, because the amount that is put in is the same result you will get back. 

  Head baseball coach and teacher Darwin Nettleton exclaims, “Competition is important in everything we do – either it be competing against oneself or competing against others.  With the fundraising, all players start on the same playing field – it is level. How much one wants to push to sell a card or a product is dependent upon their desires to compete and be successful.”

  It is important to log or keep track of who has purchased and exactly what they bought. One needs to make sure they are not missing any money. Writing sales down helps to ensure that everyone gets the items they purchased as well.

  Hopefully this list has helped to guide the fundraising process. Here’s to a successful fundraiser!