Easter activities for teens


Are you looking for some fun Easter activity ideas? With Easter break coming up, listed below are a few activities you can do during break!

Easter egg hunting A fun activity for any age range but usually enjoyed by younger kids. A good way to get a teen to participate in an Easter egg hunt is to add big bills in the eggs instead of candy. A golden egg hunt is fun for any age depending on what is included in the egg. Many people put big cash in the golden egg so it makes it more fun. Us teens enjoy this because we like the big bucks, instead of candy. I think the “golden egg” is a fun way to get teens to do an Easter egg hunt. Another fun way would be to have a glow in the dark theme and do the egg hunt at night time. 

Egg decorating This can be fun in many different ways. My personal favorite way is shaving cream eggs because it’s different from other ideas. But it’s easier than it looks. Use food coloring to create a design on a plain surface of shaving cream, then roll hard-boiled eggs over the surface to transfer the colors. Let the eggs dry, then gently clean to remove any excess shaving cream. Dyeing eggs this way is fun. Another way I enjoy it is just the original food coloring egg. First, you have to boil the eggs before doing anything else. Then get a cup with vinegar and the coloring of your choice, then drop the egg in it for about five minutes. With ideas for dyeing Easter eggs in vibrant colors, coloring Easter eggs with paint, and applying easy embellishments made with crafts supplies allows you to make your eggs different in characters. 

Make an Easter basket Many people enjoy getting an Easter basket at any age. But making one for your friends and family would be fun. Adding any type of chocolate bunnies, eggs, or any typical Easter candy. Getting a fun basket to add some fun festive things inside can boost the Easter holiday spirits. 

Throw an Easter party Either with your friends or family, throwing an Easter party is a fun idea. Getting together with your friends on Easter would be fun because there are many different things you could do for bonding. First, finding some fun Easter diy games such as egg toss. Whoever drops the egg first is eliminated and every time someone is eliminated the other people have to take a step back or instead of a game, choose an option for egg decorating. 

Making holiday Easter sugar cookies This is another option that can be done with friends or family. It’s also a good way to eat some tasty desserts while being able to decorate them any way you want. Another fun idea while making cookies is having Easter cookie cutouts such as chicks, eggs, bunnies and more. Sophomore Kyle Hutchison says, “I’d prefer to make Easter cookies because I like cookies and it’s fun.” 

If any of these Easter teen activities catch your attention, I hope you attempt to try one of them to celebrate the holiday.