TikTok influences users to spend, spend, spend

TikTok influences users to spend, spend, spend

 TikTok has set many trends throughout the past few years, influencing many people to buy new products and try new products. What topics are big on TikTok right now, you may ask? “Get ready with me” TikToks are filling my for you page. Get ready with me Tik Tok are about girls getting ready for a special event or just for the day. They go through steps with their makeup and outfit. They describe details about the makeup/outfit and give you more background about it to get you to want to buy it. 

  Girls have become famous and known for their makeup on TikTok. When other girls see famous influencers wearing a specific brand or type of makeup, they want to purchase it.

Hauls also are very popular on TikTok. People show what they purchased at their local mall or ordered from places. Shein hauls are the most popular hauls going around. Seeing what other girls buy makes you want to buy the same products and buy more on the website.

  Senior Olivia Neidermann is one of many participants being influenced by TikTok. 

  “I was influenced by TikTok to buy the shark flex style styling tool. I know that people in my life, like my mom, are also influenced by TikTok. For example, she bought new Hoka running shoes for her job,” Neidermann shared. 

  Not just kids get influenced by TikTok; many business workers and parents see new products and want to try them out. Seeing famous influencers use or have unique things makes people like me and you want it. I have spent a lot of money on something I have seen multiple times on TikTok.

  In all, TikTok influences are not necessarily terrible; many people get good deals and good products out of the app. Many people use codes that give discounts when people order their items. Famous influencers put them in their bios or post videos about them.

  Without these TikTok influences, people would be scared or uncertain about buying certain products. These influencers test out and show these products to millions of people on TikTok. 

  While some may say it is addicting and a waste of time, people gain much more from TikTok than just silly trends or unnecessary knowledge.