The time is now for finding your perfect prom dress

  Finding a prom dress can be very difficult for some girls – I know it can be for me. It may take going to more than just one place to find the best one.

  Some aspects of dress shopping may be challenging, such as finding the right size or the right color. Some girls may have a specific color in mind that they want and cannot find a suitable dress when they go shopping.

  Trying on dresses can be a struggle; last year, for me trying on dresses was difficult. It takes a long time to put a long prom dress on and take it back off. After a while, it gets annoying and irritating. 

  If you have ever been to a prom dress shop, it is very chaotic and packed. As a result, you may feel rushed and feel panicked. 

  Others may opt for buying a dress online. With that option, it is always important to fully investigate the retailer to ensure that the dresses will match the description and the reviews for any feedback. Junior Eva Dillon bought her dress online last year and while the dress matched the description, there was a significant drawback. Dillon said, “My dress was glittery and left a trail of glitter wherever I went. I’m still getting out of my car.”

  Some girls may buy their dress from another girl that has already worn it for the past year. These types of girls are very smart as it can save a great deal of money.

English teacher Jennifer Drew was one of these girls back in her high school years. 

  “As a sophomore, I was asked to prom about one month before prom. With such little time, I found a used dress for sale for $20. It ended up being my favorite dress from all four of the proms I attended. Don’t be afraid to buy a used dress or a borrowed one,” shared Drew 

  This year there are some new trends. For example, fringe and feathers are very popular for dresses in 2023. These types of add-ons take dresses to a new level. 

  Senior Katie Dittmar is one of the few who has gotten their prom dress this year. Dittmar said, “I was aiming to get a pink dress this year, but that’s not exactly what I left with. It’s always an adventure going dress shopping because my mom likes to hand me seven different dresses at a time.” 

  So, in conclusion, prom dress shopping for girls is exhilarating and complex at the same time. It makes for good memories and good experiences.