Need a plan for spring break? Look no further!


S.H.S Roscoe Eades Stadium in the broad daylight. Roscoe Eades Stadium holds all the home events for S.H.S

  With spring break coming up, students are eager for a week-long break from stress. People may not know what to do with all their free time. If you are stuck and do not know what to do for spring break, then this list is for you. 

  Visit a Museum Museums are filled with various activities and unique artifacts to look at. Popular museums nearby such as The Field Museum and Museum of Science and Industry guarantee a fun experience. With both basic admission entry prices being just under $30, this makes this experience affordable.

  Visit a Zoo With the pending good weather, spring break is a perfect time to visit a zoo. The Brookfield Zoo is a popular attraction that is located in Chicago. The entry price for an adult is $19.95, and children 3-11 is $17.95. The tickets come with access to all the attractions. At the zoo, visitors can see a variety of animals and buy souvenirs at the gift shops. 

  Movie Night If you are someone who would prefer to stay in, then a simple movie night is perfect for you. With new movies like ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantmania’, and ‘Creed III’ releasing soon, there is a variety of new content to watch. So grab a friend, your favorite snacks, and have a peaceful movie night.

  Visit a S.H.S. sporting event If you are bored and have nothing going on then come to the high school and watch a sporting event. There are plenty of sporting events that go on during spring break. Baseball, soccer, softball, track and field all have games. You can always check 8to18 for times and locations. It is always a great way to show school spirit and a chance to come support S.H.S. athletes. 

  There are many different activities you can do for spring break. 

  When asked about her plans for spring break, junior Michelle Diaz says, “For spring break I was planning on going to Florida. But I then realized that I had three soccer games that week and decided to stay.” 

  Spring break is meant to be enjoyed and you are able to do the things you enjoy doing. There are just a few of the many activities to do during spring break.