How to be a better friend


Junior Cale Ledergerber cheers up Junior Parker Janssen. Parker was sad because he spilled his coffee.

  There are many ways to be a great friend, let alone a best friend. 

  One way is to give advice to your friends on how to improve their lives. Becoming the leader of your friend group is one of the best things you can do to show your friends how to be a better friend.

  Science teacher Tim Kelleher said, “Being a better friend is about communication! For example, when your friend is going through a rough patch, you could be a better friend by allowing them to talk about their issues and politely offering suggestions.”

  Some people won’t listen to you, but as long as you’re there for them to help them out, whether it be with a breakup, their parents’ divorce, or any other personal issues in their life, they will appreciate you.

. Becoming a better friend can come with a price. Sometimes people won’t understand why you tell them bullying, smoking, drinking, etc is not okay. Forgiving your friends for making wrong decisions like making fun of other people and calling them names, then telling them not to do it again is a great way of becoming a better friend. If you are religious, praying for your friends is also a way to become a better friend.

  Additionally, check in on your friends here and there to make sure they are doing okay. You never know what somebody could be going through. You also want to be able to listen to them if they are trying to tell you something. Be there for your friends in their hardest times because you might be the only person who is keeping them from doing something they can’t come back from and you want to help steer them towards the best path possible.

  Sophomore Katie Moore said, “To be a better friend you need to focus on being a better person for yourself first. Which allows connections to be stronger, to be authentic, and being able to know which one’s suit you and which ones don’t.”

  Make sure you celebrate with them when they succeed. When they fail, make sure you are there to support them and help them succeed. 

  Senior Carlos Garcia said, “I told my friends about my dreams and goals and they said they would be there to help me succeed. That meant a lot and I knew I was surrounded by good friends.”

  You should try to minimize being around people who make bad decisions, or try to make you do things you do not want to do. Bad company corrupts good character.

In conclusion, being a better friend is finding the best part of yourself first, then applying that to friends. Pushing friends to be better and giving them life advice will make you stand out from everyone else.