Accepted? Time to apply for scholarships


Information on applying for financial aid is available is the counselors office. In addition to this, you can email your counselors with any question you may have.

  Scholarships allow students to receive financial help based on their academic or athletic abilities, their financial state, or their personal traits. Along with applying to colleges, seniors should also be applying for scholarships. 

  Scholarships are the best way to make college more affordable. Unlike loans, students are not required to pay back scholarships.

  There is no limit to the amount of scholarships an individual can apply to. So, seniors should apply to as many scholarships as possible.

 Most colleges will automatically apply students to any scholarships that they are matched for when they submit their application. These scholarships are school-specific and usually given out to those with good academic standing.

  Sterling High School counselor Darci Francis sends out a “Scholarship of the Week” each week. Francis highlights a scholarship and includes all information in regards to applying for it.

  Counselors are a good resource to utilize when applying for scholarships. Counselors can guide students through the application process, help students find scholarships that are catered to them, and answer any other questions students may have.

  Another easy way for students to access scholarships is by logging into their Going Merry account, which they can find through Clever. Going Merry has hundreds of scholarships listed.

  Students can fill in their personal information on Going Merry, from there the website will automatically apply and recommend scholarships that are a match. 

  There are scholarships out there for just about anything. Doing research in order to find scholarships that reward your individuality is key. Students should use characteristics that make them stand out.

  Going Merry allows students to filter scholarships by a variety of criteria. For example, students can filter their scholarship search to only local scholarships. 

  Local scholarships are only available to either S.H.S. students or students in the Whiteside County area. Students are more likely to win a local scholarship, since the pool of students who apply is smaller than nation-wide scholarships. 

  Nation-wide scholarships are available for any students. While the chance of winning is much smaller than a local scholarship, the amount given is typically more. 

  If students meet the criteria for a scholarship, they should certainly apply as money students can put towards school will always be beneficial.