Valentine’s Day sweets and treats

On Valentine’s Day, people openly profess their love and romance for those around them. People can express their feelings through presents, actions, and mostly importantly… food. 


Here are my top 10 sweets and treats. Below you will find the names of the treats, my rating, and a little description. 


  Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Rating: 12/10) Chocolate covered strawberries are a classic sweet treat. In my opinion, they are the perfect chocolate to strawberry ratio. They are very fresh and flavorful, while also being filling. Chocolate covered strawberries are a snack you can enjoy and not feel guilty about afterwards because although they are covered in chocolate, they are still fruit. 

  Cake Pops (Rating: 10/10) Cake pops are amazing in every way. Some may find them too overpowering, but personally, I love them for their sweet taste and multiple unique flavors. Cake pops are cake formed as a lollipop, covered in frosting or chocolate. They are attached to sticks and then decorated with sprinkles, colored chocolate, or cool designs. 

  Box of Chocolates (Rating: 9/10) A box of chocolates is a timeless staple during the Valentine’s season. They come with a variety of different flavored chocolates including dark chocolate, raspberry, coconut, turtle, caramel, etc. The only reason they did not receive a 10 out of 10 is because it is very rare for someone to like all the flavors a box offers. Therefore, there will always be a few chocolates that are not eaten. But besides that, they are a classic.

  Red Velvet Cupcakes (Rating: 9/10) Besides the cupcakes being Valentine’s Day themed, they are also very fluffy and accommodate people with all different types of flavor preferences. Usually they are paired with a cream cheese frosting which brings a sense of savory, or they can be topped with a normal frosting that brings back that sweetness. 

  Heart Suckers (Rating: 8/10) Suckers are a basic candy, but are rated at a 8/10 for a reason. They are a cherry flavored lollipop shaped as a heart, and they are all around a solid sucker. Nothing is wrong with them, they just do not have much to them. They do not have tootsie rolls or gum in the middle like other suckers, but they are always a safe bet and never disappoint. 

  Rice Krispie Treats (Rating: 8/10) Heart shaped rice krispie treats are a very versatile treat that can be left plain, covered in chocolate, or shaped as anything you wish. They are a fun activity that you can do at home with your family, or you can buy from the store.

  Long Chocolate Covered Pretzels (Rating: 7/10) Chocolate covered pretzels are a great snack that have the perfect amount of sweet and salty. They are very crunchy with a lot of wonderful flavors. The only downfall of these is most of the time, only half of the pretzel stick is covered in chocolate which leaves the other half without that sweet flavor.

  Sour Patch Kids (Rating: 7/10) Sour patch kid conversation starters mimic the traditional conversation candy hearts. These are rated at a 7 out of 10 because they include those gummy candy lovers out there instead of most other valentines day candy that are mostly chocolate. Some people can find these candies to be too sour, which is one of their flaws.

  Fun Dip (Rating: 6/10) Growing up, a lot of younger children love fun dip. They are a simple candy with a sweet stick that you dip into the sour powder which you then can lick off, or bite. These are fun candy that come in an assortment of flavors. Fun Dip usually favors the younger kids, especially when they bring them to their class Valentines Day party.     

  Candy Hearts (Rating: 5/10) These are a very controversial candy. They are the ideal valentines day candy going back all the way to 1901. The heart conversation starters are a small, cute, sweet candy that everyones knows… but very few love. Over the years they have improved taste wise, but they haven’t always been good. They have a plethora of sayings such as, “Call me,” “Be mine,” “Kiss me,” “My love” etc. 

These sweets and treats are a fantastic way to show those around you how much you care about them. Bring together your friends and family and try out these treats for yourself.