Single for Valentine’s Day?

Make the most of your solo Valentine’s Day


  Valentine’s Day is a day based on couples and love. In reality, a lot of people are single and do not have Valentines. 

  For people with Valentines, there is a long list of ideas to do on the special day like going to the movies, a fancy date, chocolate gifts for each other, and way more. People who do not have a date for Valentines do not usually have much to do to celebrate the holiday. Here are some ideas for those who are single on Valentine’s Day.

  One of the best ideas is to go on a dinner date with other single people. Single people get to feel comforted by other singles and enjoy each other. 

  Another great idea is to celebrate the holiday for someone else, like your parents! A great thing to do would be to create a dinner for your parents and set up candles and a nice setting.

  Senior Daniel Dunaven says, “It feels good to make other people happy so this is a great idea.” This would be greater for older parents that would usually just stay home. 

  Some people let their phones get to them easily on Valentine’s day. A very underrated idea is to stay off social media. 

  Staying on your phone and seeing everyone with couples can make you jealous or upset. Staying off of your phone would be a great way to keep your mind straight.

  Sophomore Lincoln Davis says, “It depends on the person and the situation, if you are going through a breakup then it would be good to talk to people and help with them, but if you are going through family problems it might be better to stay off your phone.”

  A fun idea would be to go out with all of your friends even with their special Valentines. It would be fun for the couples and for the single ones, especially if everyone went bowling or to an arcade where everyone could enjoy each other at the same time without being lonely as well. 

  There are many things to do as a single Valentine and the day can still be enjoyed without a couple.