Driving safe in the winter

Driving safe in the winter

  Winter weather brings dangerous driving conditions. Icy roads and thick snow increase the likelihood of getting into a car crash.

  The number one tip is to slow down and give all cars enough space. Drivers should divide themselves from other cars, as braking speed is greatly reduced in the snow. A good tip is to also  brake sooner and slower. 

  Slowing down is not the only thing a driver should focus on. Drivers should also focus on accelerating slower. Slow acceleration is better for the car’s engine and tires.

  Before entering the road, it is best that drivers have clear vision and especially make sure they can see through all windows as snow and frost will cover them. 

  It is very simple to remove snow and frost with a two-sided snow brush. The brush side is meant to remove snow, while the plastic blade on the other end removes ice and frost.

  After using the brush tool, drivers can use  windshield wipers to remove any remaining snow or windshield wiper fluid to remove any frost that remains.

  Having somewhat new tires is very beneficial for driving in the winter. Old and worn-out tires can cause the car to go into a skid. New tires are durable and are designed to cut through snow and ice, as well as get a better grip while traveling in snow. A very good strategy to keep your car straight and in control. 

Car enthusiast and senior James Morris said,  “Certain vehicles behave differently in different environments. Most commonly, the rear-end of a car may begin to slide on ice and slick conditions. In this situation, it is important to remain calm and not to freeze. At this point, you should begin to turn the steering wheel in the direction of the slide. If the car begins to slide to the left, turning the steering wheel to the left will move the car to the right and set you straight. These situations are most common in RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) vehicles.”

  Driving in winter can be very dangerous. These are some tips that can help you and others around you stay safe.