Time to enjoy nearby winter activities

  Now that winter is here, people are looking for new, fun, exciting activities to do with their family. Around Sterling, there are many activities to do. Some ideas for example would be ice skating at the skating rink in Dixon, skiing in Galena, sledding at Sinnissippi, and the Christmas light show in Clinton.

  For the second year in a row, Dixon Park District is offering an ice skating rink for all to enjoy. While not quite ready for skating yet, the rink in Page Park will soon be ready for all to enjoy.

  Another option is Chestnut Mountain Resort is in Galena, Illinois. They have multiple hills, with each hill ranked a different level by shapes and colors. For example, a black diamond is the biggest and steepest hill and they have multiple of those. Blue diamonds are intermediate and green squares are the lowest for little kids, which is just one hill. They do skiing and snowboarding lessons for beginners and other things.

  Sinnissippi is a large sized park here in Sterling which is home to a giant hill. The hill in the winter time is known to be great for sledding. Kids that have been going to this hill have over time made a built in ramp that you can go on. This makes sledding even more fun at Sinnissippi. 

  In Clinton, Iowa, inside of Eagle Point Park, there is a giant light show and there are multiple parts included in the park. There’s a drive through section where you can just cruise and view the lights.  There is also a contest within the park where you hunt for letters and if you can find all of them you will win a reward.

No matter which holiday activity you choose to do, enjoy this time with your family and friends.