S.H.S. Music Department prepares for the biggest concert of the school year


S.H.S. orchestra director Erik Oberg preps the orchestra ensemble to play a piece of music during last year’s holiday concert. Each music group played two to three pieces individually before performing one cohesive piece at the end of the concert.

  The Sterling High School Music Department is preparing to host its second of four concerts this month. The annual winter concert is packed full of holiday music from all three music department divisions.

  On December 13, the S.H.S. Band, Choir, and Orchestra will perform a widespread fan favorite: holiday music! Last year, all three parties sat on the stage together, performed their selections of music, then played one big cohesive piece of music at the end. That concert was, in a word, spectacular; this year’s edition is looking to be even better!

  Four times a year, band director Brenden O’Donnell, choir director Weston Henry, and orchestra director Erik Oberg, come together to plan their concerts. They select pieces that both fit the theme of the concert (in this case, holiday), while also trying to not repeat selections from the other groups. This is one of only two concerts that showcase the entire music department in one night, the other being the May concert.

  Orchestra teacher Erik Oberg stated, “This year’s concert will take place in two halves. During the first half, the stage will be set only for the band. After a brief intermission, the stage will be reset with the orchestra in front, and the choir behind them on the risers. The orchestra and choir will each perform on their own, and then they will perform together for the final two works.”

  Students are also excited to bring this performance to both their parents and fellow classmates alike

  Senior Kaidence Stroup expressed, “I am most excited for my family and friends to be able to come to the concert and see all the hard work and effort the students put into the concert.”

  The first music department concert was just 34 days ago. The turnaround between the two concerts is a pretty quick one, considering the students have to learn a great deal of music within a month’s span, whilst for the first concert, they got about three months to do just that.

  “We have not had nearly as much time to practice as I would prefer,” junior Dale Johnson described, “and that could affect how this concert turns out.”

  Once again, the concert is set to take place on Tuesday, December 13 at 7:30 p.m. in Centennial Auditorium. Band will perform first, before the orchestra and choir take the stage simultaneously.