Fall Scent Review


  Fall is many people’s favorite season for various reasons. The clear blue skies, mild weather, and vibrant leaves are all enjoyable parts of the season. There are also widely celebrated holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving.

  Another factor that shapes the season are fall specific scents. Fall arguably has some of the best scents of the year.  

  Pumpkin, apple, maple, and cinnamon are some of the most popular fall scents. Fall scents are present in fall-themed candles, foods, and activities.

  Pumpkin is a popular scent in candles or wax melts, and pumpkin scents often remind people of pumpkin pie or carving pumpkins for Halloween.  

  Apple is used in fragrances year-round. The fall season is filled with apple picking and apple pies, an apple scent is comforting and refreshing for the season.  

  Maple is one of the least common fall scents. Maple is directly linked to any fall activities, but the scent itself gives off a fall vibe. The comfort and sweetness of maple is reminiscent of fall days.

  Finally, when asking numerous students at Sterling High School their favorite fall scent (among these four) cinnamon was the most popular. Cinnamon beat out pumpkin by just two votes.  Junior Julia Snitchler, says she voted for cinnamon because of the cinnamon simmer pots her mom always makes in the fall, making it a comforting, home-y scent to her.  Another Junior, Darrion Pankey, chose apple because of his mom’s apple pies that she makes during the season.  Publications teacher Jennifer Drew says hers is “something pumpkin but also spicy, because it makes my house smell like I can cook, even though I can’t.”  

  These reminders of home influence people’s perceptions of fall, as well as their perception of comfort, which is truly special.

  Many stores are already starting their transitions to Christmas and winter, so buy your fall candles, fragrances, and decor soon. I highly recommend burning some cinnamon or pumpkin candles as the weather starts to become colder and the sky becomes darker. 

  Make sure to savor this year’s final days of fall, fall scents are a perfect way to encapsulate a fall vibe. 

  Fall has some of the best scents, regardless of your favorite season. Fall is filled with countless memories and scents to add to those experiences. Fall scents help to solidify them in your memories.