Ranking the best Halloween candy


Sophomore and candy expert Austin Fox displays one of his least favorite candies. Fox sampled many types of Halloween favorites in order to rank them.

  Wondering what is the best Halloween candy to enjoy? Look no further, as I ranked them on a scale from 1-10 (1 being the worst, while 10 was the best). Here’s my take:

Hershey’s (9) –  I believe Hershey’s is a top-tier candy. One bar has plenty of delicious chocolate.  

KitKat (10) – The chocolate and wafer ratio make KitKat’s an easy ten. Want to make them even better? I recommend trying a frozen KitKat. 

Reese’s (10) –  Reese’s are really good if you like peanut butter. If you do not like peanut butter I feel bad for you because you are missing out.

Candy Corn (-999) –  Candy Corn tastes way too sweet, the texture is not appealing, and it has a waxy-type flavor. Whoever made this abomination needs to be removed from society.

Jawbreakers (5) – Jawbreakers are an average candy. Personally, the texture is not for me but the flavor is good.

Skittles (4) – When given a choice between a Skittle and an M&M, I would choose an M&M. Given the similarity between the two candies I rated this one low. 

M&M’s (10) – M&M’s are an easy ten because you get so many in a pack.

Crunch (7) –  Crunch is basically a KitKat but with a worse texture. Other than that, Crunch is pretty good. 

MilkyWay (15) – Fight me on this all you want, but MilkyWay is the best Halloween candy ever made. MilkyWay’s break my scale. 

Snickers (2) – I do not find Snickers to be worth the hype. The taste is not good, and the peanuts only make it worse. 

Twix (5) – In my opinion, I think that Twix is very overrated. Twix is an okay candy at best and the flavor of a Twix is bland. 

  That wraps up my rating for Halloween candies. I would recommend MilkyWay, KitKat, Reese’s, or M&M’s to others. I would recommend staying away from Snickers and Candy Corn.