#Fall or fail: Rate your fall flavors


Marisol Ocampo and Camilla Feltes rated fall flavors so you don’t have to. Read the article to see which fall flavors they thought were the best!

  With the fall season approaching, fall flavors are taking over. We rated some of the classic fun fall foods and drinks. We rated these in the order we tried them. 

  Caramel Apple: Overall, the caramel apple we tried was a big let down. It wasn’t as appealing as we thought it would be. The apple had no flavor and the nut coating was really overpowering. We both give this a rating of 3/10 not only because the apple itself was dry and flavorless, but there were just too many nuts. 

  Brown Sugar Pop Tart: We wanted to try a classic flavor, not really sure what we were expecting since it was a poptart. The crust of the poptart was too bland and there was not enough filling. The frosting however, was really good. There was so much potential but it was disappointing. We did eat it straight out of the bag, and heating it up might have made it taste a bit better. We rate it a 4/10. 

  Pumpkin donut: With our opinions differing on the donut, we both have our own ratings. Camilla: I thought it was one of the best on this list. It had a very rich pumpkin flavor. The glaze was also good because it didn’t take away from the flavor. I rate this a 8/10. Marisol: I thought this donut was absolutely horrible. The glaze of the donut took away from the pumpkin spice and overall did not have a good flavor. I couldn’t really taste the pumpkin because the spice was overbearing. I rate this a 1/10.

  Pumpkin Spice Rolls: We both liked these but not because of the flavoring. It tastes the same as the nonseasonal rolls. The cream was too overwhelming and really masked the pumpkin spice flavors. It was good, but it was not fall enough for us! We give this a rating of 6/10.

  Candy Corn: One of the most recognizable fall snacks. It truly is a classic for holidays including Halloween and Thanksgiving. Candy Corn represents fall and brings comfort to everyone. Not knowing how to describe the taste, candy corn has its own flavor. We both rate it a solid 9/10.

  Pumpkin Ice Cream: This pumpkin ice cream did not disappoint. There was a good pumpkin to ice cream ratio. It was very flavorful and delicious. We think this would be a great dessert for after family dinners. Another 9/10 from the both of us. 

  Vanilla Chai: Although vanilla chai isn’t a name that rings fall, it is still a tasty drink to have during the season. It had a sweet chai flavor along with a hint of vanilla. It also had a similar taste to pumpkin spice but with a milky consistency. Camilla: 9/10, very good but not something I would normally have. Marisol: 10/10, immaculate. 

  Apple Cider: This honestly tasted acidic and it had a throat burning effect on us. This was most likely our fault because the cider we tried was store bought, not freshly made and it was refrigerated. We do however think it would taste so much better if it was bought from an orchard. Unfortunately we have to give this a 0/10. It was just horrible. 

  Fall is filled with many delicious flavors. No matter what your favorite is, go out with friends or family and have some yummy fall treats!