Best spots for homecoming pictures



   Finding the perfect place for your homecoming photos can often be very difficult, stressful, and most of us are on a tight schedule. Figuring out the best places without going in blindly makes things a lot easier for everyone involved, so here are a couple places in the area that will guarantee some great flicks. 

Sinissippi Sinissippi has a couple good spots for photos: down by the docks, the rock wall area, and the tunnel. The water and lilypads make a great background for pictures. The rock wall and tunnel are a little more basic, but still make for amazing photos if you don’t want the background to be too much. I did not take photos here last year, so I cannot say how much of a crowd there will be, but it is a large park with more than enough room for multiple groups. 

Hoover Park Hoover is connected to Sinissippi by a wooden bridge that goes over a creek, which is one of my favorite spots in Sterling. The pathway through the forest that leads to the bridge is also beautiful, and has many open spots that could be used to take pictures. If you are looking for more fauna-driven photos, then this is the perfect place. 

Oppold Marina The Marina is not a very large area, but it has lots of water access, which always makes for a good background in photos. 

White Pines Forest State Park White Pines is a bit of a drive, but if you have the time I would definitely recommend trying to get some photos here. There are a surplus of paths and bridges all surrounded by nature. Since it is such a far drive I don’t imagine many groups will go here, so if you want a secluded area White Pines is probably your best bet. 

Dillon Home The Dillon Home is probably the most crowded area for homecoming pictures. This area can capture more classy photos, and is a sizable area for large groups with lots of open space. 

Martin’s Landing Next to the Dillon home, Martin’s Landing has a brick wall before the tunnel leading to the river, which is a more simplistic background. My favorite places at Martin’s Landing are the walking bridge and the staircase down to the river. There is also a gazebo, but it is a bit rundown and has graffiti. Last year, when I took photos here there were not many people, so I assume there will not be a ton this year either.