Interview tips for job-seeking students

May 25, 2022

  Finally, summer vacation is coming, and we finally have a break from high school. During the summer break, S.H.S. students look for part-time or full-time jobs. It is one good way to be productive in the summer. Many students work in the summer because more are available than during fall, winter, and spring. Having a job helps you get to know financial life and prepare something for adulting life. To learn how to budget, be able to control how much you can spend, and how to save up money. It helps students build their resumes and increase their level of independence. 

  The majority of jobs require an interview, and if you are the best in the presentation. You have more possibilities to obtain the job. Remember many teens are applying for jobs so the sooner you apply also more possibilities. 

  Being confident plays a significant role in an interview. It may be the hardest thing because of nervousness, social anxiety, etc. Being confident is to have trust in the manager or people they are interviewing.

  Be prepared for what to bring to the table. Remember the interviewer wants to get to know you and see if you can fit the job position. Jobs also focus on the person’s personality. One most common interview question is what is your weakness and have prepared what to answer. 

The dress code is another important thing in school and at the job. Dress appropriately for the interview to demonstrate your responsibility. Also, by dressing appropriately you have respect for the company. 

  Remember to always be respectful to everyone and gain more trust in the interviewer. Sometimes you may not get the job, but there are still many opportunities to get another job.


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