What seniors are looking forward to!


With the end of the school year quickly approaching, we asked the senior class what they are most looking forward to at the end of the school year and into summer break.


Libbi Kendrick: “I’m looking forward to branching out to find new interests and hobbies to enjoy. I’m also looking forward to making new experiences with new and old friends.”


Samantha Feather: “I’ve enjoyed experiencing all of my lasts with the people I love the most and have experienced all of high school with.”


Jozlyn Johnson: “Graduation to see how happy everyone is that they finally made it and to start a new chapter in their life. Also going off to college to be the first college graduate in my family.”


Isabella Ruth: “Well I’m looking forward to going to college and finding out more about myself. Something I’ve enjoyed in high school is being a part of the music department.”


Elizabeth Capes: “I’m looking forward to graduating with all of my friends and having everyone celebrate us and our accomplishments that we earned through our four years at Sterling.”


Holly Behrens: “I’m Looking forward to graduation and seeing my class and I take the next step of our lives.”


Brayden Vereide: “Graduating.”


Isabelle Smith: “The thing I’m looking forward to most is the feeling of satisfaction when I graduate after 12 long years.”


Luke Valentino: “I am most looking forward to participating in the state tennis tournament with my partner Connor Pham on Thursday.”


Kayden Loos: “I’m looking forward to graduating and making tons of memories over the course of summer break. The senior sunset should be pretty fun, too.”

The senior class has plenty to look forward to as the clock ticks down towards graduation day!