How to survive (and thrive) at the end of the year

Senior Autum Flagg tries to stay energized while reading her English book. Finals for seniors start Tuesday if they aren’t exempt.

  With the 2021-2022 school year coming to an end, it might be harder to stay motivated and focused. Here are some fun and easy ways to stay on top of things and get to the end of the year!


  Whether it’s drinking coffee or an energy drink, caffeine makes you more energized and can help keep you up if you’re doing late night studying or pulling an all-nighter. It is recommended that your daily intake is 100 mg or less. That amount equals one whole Monster or one cup of coffee. Caffeine is an extremely common way high school students stay energized during finals week and for the studying that comes before. This method is also a way to motivate seniors to have enough energy to go to school and fight their case of “senioritis”. Senior Autum Flagg was asked how caffeine has helped her beat senioritis. “Coffee helps me stay motivated in the morning for publications class so my work can get done on time”  



   Mindfulness exercises and goals

  Try meditation. Try yoga. Set goals. Try anything to keep or make you centered. If you allow yourself even just a minute and take a deep breath, it will be easier to study and retain the information. Meditation helps you stay focused because it allows you to bring all your thoughts into one and help you pick the one problem you need to work on. Yoga can help you stay motivated because it forces you to get up and makes your brain focus on moving your muscles and not on the stress of finals. Set a goal of something you want to accomplish before the end of the year. It can be something big like getting a new car, or something as small as ace my world history final. Setting small goals help you stay motivated because as soon as you accomplish the goal, you feel empowered and like you did something good.

  Plan out your summer

  Planning out even what you’re going to do the week after finals helps keep you motivated to get done with school. It gives you something to look forward to. Make plans to go out to eat with your friends on Monday or go visit a waterpark in June. Even just planning a day to relax will give you something to keep you motivated until the end of the year. Something little will give you that push to make you finish the school year strong.  

  In the end, do whatever you need to do to finish your school year. We only have a few weeks until the seniors graduate and everything else changes, so finish your school year off strong so you can start next year off on a good foot.