A girl’s day-of prom guide


  Although the school year is coming to an end, there is still one big celebration for the juniors and seniors. Prom for the seniors is one of the last times to have a great time with the rest of your class. Preparation for prom can be the most stressful and/or fun part of the whole night, especially for the ladies who put in a lot more work to make sure they look perfect for the perfect night. 

  For the girls, prom preparation starts way before the day of prom. Most girls usually get their nails done before prom day because it is hard to get an appointment that day. The day of prom can be very hectic and how it starts is the most important. 

  A good night’s sleep will be a good start for the big day. The morning of this rushed day should start off slow and peaceful. After waking up whenever you feel ready to, you should have a nutritious meal in order to fuel your body for the long day ahead. 

  Hair and makeup are the most time-consuming part of this preparation. Whichever one you prefer to do first, start hair or makeup about three hours earlier than when pictures will be. This way you can have enough time for the second appointment an hour before your picture time, or if you do your make-up by yourself you would have enough time to make sure you look and feel great! 

  Senior Bailey Warner said, “The most stressful part of prom prep is making sure all of my appointments are running on time and I’m still running on schedule for pictures and making it on time to prom premiere!”

  Now that the two long steps are over with, it is time to put your dress and other accessories on. This part of the process shouldn’t be rushed either. You want to make sure that you feel like the queen that you are before you go out for your big night. When you feel like you’re ready, it’s time for pictures to capture the moment on your prom night. 

  Pictures are always an important aspect of going to prom. Before you take pictures with either your date or your friend group, you should take pictures with family first. Even though taking pictures is not the most fun thing to do, you will remember this moment forever with the photos you take. 

Senior Kyra Hulke said, “My favorite part is getting ready and taking pictures before prom.”   Take the picture for your parents’ or caregivers’ benefit. As a girl we always have a good side so don’t be scared to make your parents or whoever is taking the picture go the other way. You deserve to look and feel your very best when you look at your prom pictures. 

  After this you’re ready to continue the night and have a great time with your friends and/or date at prom. Make sure to have a blast and be the queen you are after preparing all day!