Entertainment review: “Unlimited Love” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers


 After six years, the Red Hot Chili Peppers finally decided to release a new album called “Unlimited Love.” John Frusciante returns after a decade away to be the guitarist for this album.

  The album starts off strong with “Black Summer” as the first song. As per usual in Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, the first couple plucks of the guitar strings make you want to stick around and listen for hours. 

  A lot of the songs included in “Unlimited Love” are on the slower side compared to the type of music RHCP usually releases. The overall atmosphere of “Unlimited Love” is comforting, like the type of music you’d listen to on a family road trip.

  The top songs on this album are “Black Summer,” “Here Ever After,” “Aquatic Mouth Dance,” “Not the One,” and “Poster Child.” All of these are very upbeat and kinetic except for “Not the One,” which is a dejected love song that sounds like it could be found on a Coldplay album.

  “Not the One” isn’t the only piece that sounds derived from Coldplay. My personal favorite, “Tangelo,” doesn’t really resemble any of RHCP’s previous works and comes across similar to “Sparks” or “Yellow” by Coldplay. 

  Like most of their music, “Unlimited Love” might take a couple listens to really appreciate the eclectic medley that RHCP put together. With their last two albums being underwhelming, the return of John Frusciante made expectations for Unlimited Love rise. 

  Originally, I only listened to “Unlimited Love” in order to write this article, but I quite enjoyed most of the songs and have listened to this album almost every day since it has come out. I sincerely recommend giving “Unlimited Love” a listen.