Staying at home over spring break

  Spring break is approaching. Many people take this time to take a vacation somewhere warm. However, for those who stay home there are still many activities to make the best of the break at home.  

  With the first day of spring break being on March 11, college basketball is heating up as March madness proceeds, brackets are needed to be filled out for the NCAA tournament. If you’re a basketball fan you wouldn’t want to miss any game in March in order to see if your bracket survives all the way to the final four. Daylen Stage ” its very entertaining and I enjoy all go the upsets because anything can happen against any tea”

  As we return from a long and cold winter, we need to get in shape for summer. Getting in the gym and being more active can be beneficial for the spring weather coming in a couple of months. Even just going for a walk outside, whether that is with your dog or just by yourself, can be good for you. Jozyln Johnson “It not to much of a break for me. I still have to wake up for early practice, but it is good taking a break from school! “

  Some of us want to stay and study. Catching up on homework for the next stretch of the semester will help get into a good position for the rest of the school year. Many people fell behind after having winter break, so take this break to do all of the work that is missing. 

  There are some who like to stay in and binge watch Netflix shows or even play video games all day. This is totally okay to do. It is called a break for a reason. Some good relaxation time can be good since life as a high school student can sometimes be chaotic.  

  While relaxing is good, maybe one day a short day trip would be fun. Whether you go to a museum or maybe visit a good restaurant that is somewhat far away, it will get you out of the house and will be good memories. 

  Everyone has a hobby or activity they wish they learned or wish they did more. Now is the time to start those things. Cooking food for your family, hiking with some friends, and reading more books are all good hobbies to start especially at a young age. High schoolers don’t always take time for themselves so take this week-long hiatus to find new activities enjoyable to you. 

  While this break will only last a week, you need to make it memorable. Let it be fun and relaxing before having to come back to school.