What not to do senior year

  • Do not plan your future around SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!

High school relationships are sweet and exhilarating, but in most cases short lived. When planning your future, make sure you are making the plans for yourself and not to benefit your significant other. In reality it is your future not theirs, they are there to better and encourage you not force you to create a future revolving around them.

  • Do not skip past the little things.

The future is certainly very exciting and all consuming, but do not forget to take time to cherish all the little things that have made your childhood memorable. The little things, although small, are what make your life worthwhile. 

  • Do not spend all your time on social media.

Senior year has its stressful moments, but most of us just hit a wall with senioritis. Senioritis has a tendency to tell us we are done and do not have to put forth any further effort. A great way to pass time when doing absolutely nothing is social media: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, etc. Yes, social media is great and entertaining, but pulls you too far in. Do not forget to take time away from your electronics and place a view on all that is around you. 

  • Do not mess up your GPA.

While most schools may not be monitoring each admitted student’s academic progress, there is always a possibility. When you stop trying your senior year, it places you in habits that will not carry over well freshman year of college. Do not let yourself be a victim of senioritis!

  • Do not get super stressed about college admissions.

While withholding from the constant urge to check for answers and updates, you find yourself overwhelmed. Yes, this is an important step but when thinking and worrying about the future you need to remember the answer will come with time. When you are waiting, take time to appreciate what you have now. The more you take time to realize what surrounds you in the now, the less you will constantly stress about admissions and your future life. 

  • Do not procrastinate.

Procrastination is one of the most tempting things to do in your senior year. Senioritis goes hand in hand with procrastination. Yes, maybe you have gotten into a school or gotten the job you wanted but that is not a reason to put off your current work! Keep putting forth the effort you have to get you where you are now!

  • Do not skip class.

It seems like it would be common knowledge that skipping class is not a good idea, but this goes further than skipping class without an excuse. This warning goes towards dishonest excuses just as much as it does for an absence with none. Calling yourself off to sleep, get coffee or simply just not go to school puts you in habits that should not carry over when you begin your future life after high school. Be to class on time, try your best, and do not make excuses. 

  • Don’t forget to have fun!

Senior year is serious, but has its fun moments. Fun is the major element in creating an environment to thrive in. Do not forget to focus on yourself and what is important in making your senior year fun!