The guide to red/green flags in relationships


When considering what special person you want to make your “Valentine” this year, there are many different elements to consider. Factors, both good and bad, can help better define whether this person is the one or not. These include but are not limited to…

   Red flags 

  1. Drives a truck/Jeep
  2. Doesn’t hold/open the door
  3. Invites you to dinner without offering to pay
  4. Main source of communication is Snapchat
  5. Doesn’t post you on social media
  6. Named “Carter”
  7. Momma’s boy
  8. Male Pisces 
  9. Over 16 with no license 
  10. Listens to Juice Wrld. or Xxxtentacion 
  11. Female Leo
  12. Owns beat up Air Forces 
  13. Has a boy “best friend or has a girl “best friend”
  14. Thinks flirting isn’t cheating 
  15. Acts differently depending on who they are around 
  16.  Has a perm
  17. “Saturdays are for the boys” or “full send”
  18. Wear pajama pants to school/in public 
  19. Calls you “babygirl” or “mamas”
  20. Doesn’t wait for you to make it inside when dropping you off
  21. Checks Snap score 
  22. Says “I’m not gonna argue with you”/“believe what you want”
  23. Honks to tell you they’re there when picking you up
  24. Calls girls “females”
  25. Tracks location 
  26. Goes through significant other’s phone 
  27. Asks for passwords
  28. Always crying/never cry 
  29. Leaves you on delivered on purpose
  30. Throws up 4s in every picture 


 Green flags

  1. Can make you laugh/smile often
  2. Has good style
  3. Pays for your food
  4. Will take pictures/make Tik Toks with you 
  5. Walks on the outside of the sidewalk 
  6. Opens/holds the door
  7. Honest
  8. Good gift giver 
  9. Lets you meet their parents 
  10. Makes you feel comfortable around them 
  11. Good relationship with family 
  12. Respects boundaries 
  13. Posts you on their social medias
  14. Has a bald dad
  15. Good driver
  16. Allows you to have personal space 
  17. Makes you a priority 
  18. Can match your energy
  19. Responds in a timely manner
  20. People person